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pakedge devices & software
Pakedge Device & Software

Pakedge wireless access points provide high-range, enterprise-level wireless communication between all devices within a network. Combined with the NK-1-CG1 Wireless Network Controller, the Pakedge portfolio of wireless products allows an entire network with multiple APs to function wirelessly and without interference.

Pakedge Device&Software
Pakedge Device&Software

SmartWav technology takes advantage of proprietary intelligent software algorithms and advanced antenna designs adapt to each site to improve or enhance wireless transmission and reception while mitigating interference.

Pakedge Device&Software

With TruStream technology, network speeds are given a boost – ensuring peak performance for latency-sensitive applications like VoIP, streaming video, and streaming audio.

Pakedge Device&Software

SectorMaxx antenna technology works in the background to improve signal-to-noise ratio, coverage, and reception. Sectormaxx improves range up to 3x over conventional wireless technology and ensures uninterrupted data transmission.

Up to 5x Faster

The 802.11ac WK-1 is 3x faster than previous generation N wireless, while the WX-1 displays speeds up to 5x of the generation N wireless. Dual or triple radios in a MIMO configuration enable traffic to be routed through both the 2.4 + 5.0GHz bands simultaneously while the wider 80 MHz channel enables more information to be transmitted.

Longer Effective Range

AC Wireless Access Points incorporate SectorMaxx™ wireless technology to provide higher throughput and greater usable range. This reduces the number of access points needed for a project.

More Bandwidth

AC Access Points support channels that are four times as wide (80 MHz), allowing it to carry more information to be transmitted at the same time – improving performance.

Seamless Voice and Video Streaming

Pakedge Access Points incorporate TruStream™ technology to automatically recognize and prioritize latency sensitive voice and video ahead of other network traffic for seamless performance.

Pakedge Zones™ Passthrough

WK-1 and WX-1 APs allow individual SSIDs to be tagged to Pakedge Zones™ on the network – enabling segmented traffic, network prioritization, and greater security.

Optimized Band Management

The Access Points incorporate band steering technology to improve throughput and minimize interference. Band Steering detects 5GHz capable wireless devices and automatically connects them to the less congested 5GHz band—improving performance.

Power Optimization

AC Access Points incorporate Fluxx™ technology to automatically recognize and adjust transmit power levels to minimize interference in zones covered by multiple access points. This improves overall wireless performance and provides a higher quality wireless connection.

Peace of Mind

The WK-1 and the WX-1 incorporate the latest security encryption standards for truly secure wireless networking, including WPA, WPA2, WPA Enterprise and WPA2 Enterprise. The ability to black or whitelist devices allows enhanced security even in business environments, providing complete peace of mind.

Pakedge Device&Software

Complete Simplicity

An intuitive GUI based menu simplifies access point setup and maintenance. The menu design is similar across Pakedge devices for a simplified installation and management experience.

Centrally Managed

The NK-1-CG1 Wireless Controller serves as the command, coordination, and control center of a wireless network with multiple access points. In a network without a wireless controller, the wireless access points are unaware of each other and act independently – resulting in sub-optimal network performance, coverage gaps, and unreliable connectivity. The NK-1-CG1 removes the problem of configuring wireless APs, allowing integrators to install, configure, and optimize all access points in a job within minutes – and easily keep their performance optimized.

Remote Management

Quickly and easily obtain information about any access point or client device on the network from anywhere in the world using BakPak Cloud mobile and web apps.

Easy Wall or Ceiling Mount

Easy wall or ceiling mount hardware allows APs to quickly and easily mount to standard or drop-tile style ceilings and walls. With just a few screws, the W7, WK-1 and WX-1 can be easily and safely secured in moments.

In-Wall or In-Ceiling

With the In-Ceiling bracket (sold separately), the WX-1 can be mounted flush with any wall or ceiling for a nearly invisible look without loss of performance. The WK-1 is available in a separate In-Ceiling version – enabling the same low profile installation.