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Depending on your house situation or the environment you are wanting to create, you may not want to run wires behind walls or in ceilings. Retrofitting in-wall or ceiling speakers can be a tricky and fairly expensive task. Good thing for brands like Bluesound and Sonos. Both of these manufactures have created speakers that have zero use (even capability) for speaker wires. Even though you have to plug them in somewhere to get power, the versatility of these speakers is incredible—not to mention the sound quality and control.

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All of your music, for all to hear

If one thing rings true, it’s that at Bluesound they are passionate about musical detail, texture and volume. They’ve painstakingly designed a cutting-edge, digital platform that delivers on the total hi-res audio experience. They didn’t create it for themselves. They made it for you. Their audio reproduction reflects music that is true to the artist and the art form. Add Internet radio and online streaming services to the mix, and your musical library will be the envy of everyone around you. Sound good? Bluesound thinks so, and the critics do too.

You don’t need to be an audiophile to appreciate hi-res sound, but you might just become one once you hear what you’ve been missing.

Bluesound is not a computer company masquerading as an audio company. They are made by audiophiles for audiophiles. While Bluesound is compatible with MP3s, their players are also compatible with just about every other digital format that’s available, including MQA for those who will settle for nothing less than studio-master-quality sound. They combine sleek and modern design sensibilities with a spare-no-expense attitude on the integration of advanced, innovative audio technologies.


BluOS is an advanced operating system and music management software that allows you to access and stream lossless music up to 24-bit/192kHz to every room using your home network. Locate music anywhere on a home network, cloud music service or Internet radio station, and share it with any BluOS-enabled music system in your home. This powerful software, developed together with the most advanced audio technologies from NAD Electronics and Bluesound, also allows custom integrators to connect, manage and control networked music in a connected home with support for 3rd party control systems.

Visit bluesound.com/downloads to download the BluOS Controller App.

Master Quality Authenticated

Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is a revolutionary end-to-end technology built into every Bluesound Player that captures and delivers master quality audio to any room in your home. All Bluesound Players include a powerful decoder and audio renderer for the MQA system. The MQA logo shown in the BluOS app indicates that the unit is decoding and playing an MQA stream or file, and lets you know that you are hearing exactly what the artist recorded and approved in the studio.

Visit mqa.co.uk for more information.

Listen to All the Music Ever Recorded

With Bluesound, you can instantly discover and enjoy millions of songs from your existing music services, tune in to your favorite internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world, or access and listen to the music collections stored on your smartphone, tablet or laptop on any and every Player in your home. Simply tap the music you want to hear in the BluOS app, anywhere in the home, and let Bluesound be the heart of your listening experience.

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Want to easily control your wireless hifi sound system from your smart phone and have access to all the music on earth? Sonos wireless speakers are an excellent solution.

From a stand-alone speaker for use in your kitchen to a full theater 5.1 set-up, Sonos speakers and equipment can add a phenomenal listening experience to your daily living.

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